Affordable Housing Initiative

The Housing Initiative of the Simon Foundation for Education and Housing (the “Simon Foundation”) addresses the critical issues of building truly affordable workforce housing, serving as an advocate on affordable housing issues and solutions that impact the thinking, understanding and actions of city, state and federal agencies and the civic, business and educational communities.

The Simon Foundation will become an advocate and voice that will lead to important partnerships that can make truly affordable workforce housing become a reality.  This advocacy is desperately needed to break through the bureaucracy and perceived stigma associated with affordable workforce housing.  The Foundation believes that it is imperative that our work force of teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen and others be able to live in the communities in which they serve.  The U.S. Government has issued mandates to cities and local agencies to provide affordable workforce housing, but they find it impossible due to the subsidies required to build, and the perceived stigma associated with, affordable workforce housing.

The Simon Foundation will endeavor to create awareness and to dispel the perceived stigma by working with builders and others to provide high quality, desirable and yet affordable workforce housing.

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