Ron Simon

Founder's Message

Ronald M. Simon

Founding Chairman, Simon Foundation

How the Simon Scholars Program Began...

"Having been born to immigrant parents, I have always deeply appreciated the opportunities afforded to me by living in America. To give back in a meaningful way, I decided to establish a foundation, which led to the creation of the Simon Scholars Program, a unique scholarship program beginning in high school and continuing through four years of college. We focus on students who come from difficult life and economic circumstances and yet are determined to overcome the many adversities and obstacles facing them. It has been deeply gratifying to see firsthand the life-altering power of engaging, supporting and nurturing these students who come from all walks of life and ethnicities as they pursue their dream of achieving the American dream of independence and self-sufficiency.

Our program emphasizes both strong academic performance and personal interaction with students to help them develop the self-confidence, self-esteem, and academic advancement that are necessary in their development as the next generation of leaders. These will be leaders whose diversity, involvement and commitment to giving back will reshape future generations in their communities for positive economic and social change.

I invite others to join us by sponsoring local Simon Scholars chapters in their own communities. There is such an enormous difference we can make in the lives of young people with talent, drive and promise. Trust me, the personal satisfaction that is received from sponsoring these kids and watching them grow in self-confidence and self-esteem is beyond anything you can imagine."

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